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A statistical method for revealing form-function relations in biological networks

FormFunction is software used to identify the degree to which the form of a three-gene regulatory network constrains or determines its function. Results of FormFunction have been accepted for publication in PNAS. Corresponding sourcecode is implemented in MATLAB and can be downloaded here .

This software is free for scientific use. Please contact us if you plan to use this software for commercial purposes. Do not further distribute without prior permission of the authors. If used in your scientific work, please cite as:

Andrew Mugler, Boris Grinshpun, Riley Franks, and Chris H. Wiggins, "Statistical method for revealing form-function relations in biological networks," Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 108(2):446-451, 2010.

The preprint is freely available here .

A screenshot of formfunction obtained by running ffdemo.m:

Top: output distributions for the reporter gene at each input state
Bottom: increase in mutual information during optimization


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